Irma Shifting Forecasts: It’s All a Matter of Probability

By JOHN SCHWARTZ September 10, 2017 For much of last week, the predicted track of Hurricane Irma snaked across Florida from south to north. When it seemed to be headed toward Miami, residents on the Atlantic Coast feared the worst, and many on the west side...

Hurricane Irma, Now a Category 4 Storm, Barrels Toward Florida

One of the most potent Atlantic Ocean hurricane ever recorded battered the Turks and Caicos on Friday.

Live Briefing: Irma Churns Over Dominican Republic and Heads Toward Turks and Caicos

The death toll is at least 11, and nearly 70 percent of households in Puerto Rico were without power.

Hurricane Irma Looms, but It’s Too Early to Predict Landfall

The thought of a Category 3 hurricane approaching, as thousands reel from Harvey, is daunting. But experts are days away from understanding its impact.