Was That Racist?

July 19, 2017 Sign up here for a free subscription to the Race/Related newsletter, which explores race with provocative reporting and discussion. The newsletter originally published these personal stories last week. The writers discussed their stories on The...

150 Executives Commit to Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

A new initiative will have executives at companies like PricewaterhouseCoopers and Procter & Gamble share how to promote open discussion among employees.

Holberton, a Two-Year Tech School, Emphasizes Diversity

The specialty school, started by two tech entrepreneurs, has no upfront tuition and provides job opportunities in Silicon Valley industries looking for talent.

Police Posted Missing Teenagers’ Data on Social Media. A City Took Note.

By CHRISTOPHER MELE and CHRISTINE HAUSER March 24, 2017 A new approach by the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington to use social media to raise awareness about teenagers reported missing did indeed gain attention — some of it...

Lacking Evidence of Voter Fraud, Legislatures Target Its Specter

By MICHAEL WINES March 23, 2017 Of the 860,000 Nebraskans who cast ballots in last fall’s election, only two are suspected of casting fraudulent votes. But while the actual number of illegal voters may be minuscule, State Senator John Murante says,...