Medicare for All or State Control: Health Care Plans Go to Extremes

Republicans and Democrats are laying out their visions of health care beyond the Affordable Care Act: a single-payer system or state government control.

In McConnell’s Home State, Fear and Confusion Over Health Care Bill

By SHERYL GAY STOLBERG June 28, 2017 WHITESBURG, Ky. — Dewey Gorman, a 59-year-old banker who has struggled with opioid addiction, had just gotten out of the hospital in this tiny central Appalachian city when he heard the word from Washington:...

Senate Health Bill Gets a Wary Reception, From Coast to Coast

Local news coverage across the nation shows that the reaction to the health care bill unveiled by Senate Republicans is almost uniformly negative.

Economic View: Loss Aversion, Trump and the New Opening for Medicare for All

March 24, 2017 Economic View By ROBERT H. FRANK Republicans are in a bind. They’ve been promising to repeal Obamacare for seven years, and now, having won control of the White House and Congress, they must try to deliver. But while their bitter denunciations of...

Economic Scene: Trump Budget Proposal Reflects Working-Class Resentment of the Poor

March 7, 2017 Eduardo Porter ECONOMIC SCENE You could almost hear the gasps from both sides of the ideological divide when President Trump unveiled the outline of his first budget late last month, proposing to slice $54 billion from the discretionary civilian budget...