Harrowing Storms May Move Climate Debate, if Not G.O.P. Leaders

Political leaders say the politics of climate change has been steadily shifting, as extreme weather makes the impact of carbon pollution more vivid.

Amid Chaos of Storms, U.S. Shows It Has Improved Its Response

Technology, building codes, weather forecasts and a more sophisticated understanding of mass evacuation helped keep the death toll low, experts say.

Houston’s Unsinkable Housing Market Undaunted by Storm

Houston’s Unsinkable Housing Market Undaunted by Storm By ANNIE CORREAL and CONOR DOUGHERTY September 12, 2017 Damage from Hurricane Harvey in Katy, Tex., a Houston suburb. By ANNIE CORREAL and CONOR DOUGHERTY September...

Houstonians Adrift in Their City, Trying to Call Somewhere Home

By RICHARD FAUSSET and CAMPBELL ROBERTSON September 11, 2017 HOUSTON — Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters have left this sprawling metropolis partially ruined and eager to return to something like normalcy. But the storm has also forced...