Ryan Praises Trump on DACA, but Promises a Legislative Response

Speaker Paul D. Ryan, after urging President Trump to keep DACA, said Wednesday that the president made “the right call” — and promised a legislative answer.

House Set to Approve $8 Billion in Aid for Hurricane Harvey Recovery

The disaster aid measure could be coupled with an increase in the debt limit, a strategy that is already drawing criticism from conservatives.

NEWS ANALYSIS: Trump Faces Deal-Making Challenges as Congress Returns

As lawmakers return to town, the president faces weeks of hard bargaining on the debt ceiling, his border wall, the tax code, Harvey relief and more.

Shaken by Harvey, Congress May Try Something New: Bipartisanship

Lawmakers return from recess with priorities reshuffled and glimmers of cooperation emerging on hurricane aid. The question is whether it will last.

On Washington: Hurricane Harvey Shifts Political Winds in Washington

The hurricane has transformed the budget debate, turning Republican critics of federal spending into proponents of billions of dollars of storm relief.

Democrats Search for a Response After Charlottesville Violence

On Thursday, Senator Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader, called for the disbanding of President Trump’s “election integrity” panel, the latest response to racial violence.