On Washington: Hurricane Harvey Shifts Political Winds in Washington

The hurricane has transformed the budget debate, turning Republican critics of federal spending into proponents of billions of dollars of storm relief.

Harvey’s Toll on Energy Industry Shows a Texas Vulnerability

Supply disruptions and environmental damage raise questions about the concentration of refineries and chemical plants along the exposed Gulf Coast.

Hurricane Impact Upends Texas Economic Recovery

By CONOR DOUGHERTY August 28, 2017 The brutal storm pummeling the Houston area is putting the brakes, at least for a time, on the area’s recent economic upswing. And the impact is quite likely to be especially deep given the crucial role the region...

Live Briefing: More Rain and Rescues as Harvey Lashes Texas for Another Day

Live Briefing By THE NEW YORK TIMES August 28, 2017 • More than 450,000 people are likely to seek federal aid in recovering from Harvey, the hurricane that tore across the Gulf Coast of Texas over the weekend, Brock Long, the director of the...

Live Briefing: As Storm Stalls, Rescue Work Begins Amid Rain and Rubble

Tropical Storm Harvey hovers over Texas dumping torrential rains as emergency workers scramble to rescue the injured and missing.