Preparing for ‘Brexit,’ Britons Face Economic Pinch at Home

By PETER S. GOODMAN June 11, 2017 LONDON — Right about now, Eddie Stamton, a construction worker, would normally be making preparations to jet off to a sandy stretch of the Mediterranean for a summer holiday. Not this year. In the year since...

On ‘Brexit,’ It’s Divorce First, Trade Talks Later, E.U. Tells U.K.

By JAMES KANTER March 31, 2017 BRUSSELS — Britain must agree to pay its bills and to protect millions of Europeans living in Britain before reaching a new trading relationship with the European Union, Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council,...

On Money: The Major Blind Spots in Macroeconomics

Years after the financial crisis — a disaster that economists were supposed to foresee but didn’t — the field still struggles with its self-conception.

Theresa May Gets Parliament’s Backing on ‘Brexit’ Bill

A vote in the House of Commons was not the final verdict, but with 498 for and 114 against, any efforts to slow Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union appeared certain to fail.