Trump Visits Supreme Court for Neil Gorsuch’s Formal Welcome

The president, who has made blistering remarks about judges and whose travel ban is before the court, made no public remarks, instead watching a piece of pomp steeped in history.

Supreme Court Bars Favoring Mothers Over Fathers in Citizenship Case

The justices ruled a citizenship law was based on stereotypes that violated equal protection principles. In another case, involving debt collection, Justice Neil M. Gorsuch issued his first opinion.

Supreme Court Weighs State Aid to Church Programs

By ADAM LIPTAK April 19, 2017 WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court seemed ready to chip away at the wall separating church and state on Wednesday, with several justices suggesting that states must sometimes provide aid to religious groups. The case concerned...

Bitter Fight Behind Him, Justice Gorsuch Starts Day With Relish

By ADAM LIPTAK April 17, 2017 WASHINGTON — For the first time in more than a year, nine justices heard arguments at the Supreme Court on Monday. The new member of the court, Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, sat on the far right side of the bench, in the spot...