Right and Left React to Betsy DeVos’s Changes to Campus Sex Assault Rules

Writers from across the political spectrum take on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s proposed new rules for dealing with sexual assault on college campuses.

Betsy DeVos Says She Will Rewrite Rules on Campus Sex Assault

The education secretary said in a speech that the Obama administration had gone too far and had forced colleges to deprive accused students of their rights.

Transgender Students Turn to Courts as Government Support Erodes

A case in point is a Florida student who sued his school board last month after his mother said the federal authorities stopped investigating his complaint.

Campus Rape Policies Get a New Look as the Accused Get DeVos’s Ear

By ERICA L. GREEN and SHERYL GAY STOLBERG July 12, 2017 WASHINGTON — The letters have come in to her office by the hundreds, heartfelt missives from college students, mostly men, who had been accused of rape or sexual assault. Some...

To Understand Betsy DeVos’s Educational Views, View Her Education

By ERICA L. GREEN June 10, 2017 HOLLAND, Mich. — The students formed a circle around the Rev. Ray Vanderlaan, who draped himself in a Jewish ceremonial prayer shawl to cap his final lesson to graduating seniors in his discipleship seminar at...

Trump Orders Review of Education Policies to Strengthen Local Control

The review aims to ensure local leaders will have final say “about what happens in the classroom,” said Rob Goad, a senior Education Department official.