Train Derailment, Subway Delays Foul Another Morning Commute

A New Jersey Transit train derailed at Penn Station around 4 a.m., causing no injuries. Later, a trash spill led to delays on 9 subway lines.

Amtrak Riders to Share in Penn Station’s ‘Summer of Hell’

By PATRICK McGEEHAN May 30, 2017 Amtrak and its customers will share some of the hardship with New York City commuters during several weeks of disruptive repair work at Pennsylvania Station this summer, according to a revised schedule Amtrak officials have...

Amtrak Plans to Close Several Penn Station Tracks for Major Repairs

The tracks will be closed during the workweek this summer, but the railroad’s chief executive refused to say how many tracks would be closed or for how long.

Track Flaws Are Focus of Penn Station Derailment Inquiry, Official Says

By EMMA G. FITZSIMMONS April 5, 2017 It is the question on the minds of many in the New York City area: Why is a relatively minor train derailment still wreaking havoc on my commute? Two days after a New Jersey Transit train derailed at Pennsylvania...