Mattis Heads to Mexico Amid Strain Over Disaster Condolences and Aid

Mexico rescinded an offer of aid for American hurricane victims, saying it needed to pay for earthquake recovery. But its reversal also came after President Trump stayed quiet over the disaster.

News Analysis: Officials Eye Euphrates River Valley as Last Stand for ISIS

Even with the Islamic State on the run, U.S. advisers grapple with political and military problems in wresting Iraqi and Syrian towns from extremists.

‘We’ve Had Enough’: Conservatives Relish the ‘Fury’ in Trump’s Talk

By RICHARD FAUSSET August 11, 2017 AUGUSTA, Ga. — “Fire and fury”? Eugene Yu could not have said it better himself. Mr. Yu, 62, who emigrated here from South Korea, is an American citizen, a United States Army veteran and a staunch...

Now U.S. Has Company in Raising Pressure on Iran Over Missile

In a letter to the United Nations Security Council, the four Western allies called Iran’s satellite launch last week “threatening and provocative.”

Under Trump, a Hollowed-Out Force in Syria Quickly Lost C.I.A. Backing

The shuttering of the C.I.A. program, one of the most expensive efforts to arm and train rebels since the 1980s, has forced a reckoning over its successes and failures.

7 Sailors Emerged From Diverse Backgrounds to Pursue a Common Cause

By DAVE PHILIPPS June 19, 2017 The seven sailors who died when the destroyer Fitzgerald collided with a container ship last weekend were a snapshot of the nation they served: an immigrant from the Philippines whose father served in the Navy before him; a...