On Facebook and Twitter, a Hunt for Russia’s Meddling Hand

Posing as ordinary Americans on Facebook and building “warlists” of Twitter accounts, suspected Russian agents infiltrated last year’s election.

Software Glitch or Russian Hackers? Election Problems Draw Little Scrutiny

A Times investigation has found that infiltration efforts were broader than previously disclosed and that state and federal agencies have conducted few forensic inquiries.

Trump Backed Off Putin Because ‘What Do You Do? End Up in a Fistfight?’

Speaking to reporters on Air Force One, the president offered his first extended account of the meeting he held with the Russian leader last week.

White House Memo: Trump’s Deflections and Denials on Russia Frustrate Even His Allies

The president’s refusal to acknowledge Russia’s cyberattacks last year, as well as the threat of future incursions, has dismayed fellow Republicans.

Hillary Clinton Says Russia Used Hacking ‘to Great Effect’ in Her Defeat

By SARAH MASLIN NIR April 6, 2017 Hillary Clinton left no doubt on Thursday that she believes Russia contributed to her defeat by interfering in the election, condemning what she called Moscow’s “weaponization of information.” “I...

Marco Rubio Says His Campaign Was a Target of Russian Cyberattacks

He cautioned against becoming too focused on hacking, which he called “one aspect of a much broader campaign” by the Russians.