Malaysian Leader in Billion-Dollar Scandal Is Invited to White House

The visit by Prime Minister Najib Razak promises to bestow legitimacy on him and illustrates what critics say is the Trump administration’s disregard for corruption.

News Analysis: Trump Seeks a Clear Victory in a Murky War

When the president laid out his plan for Afghanistan, he left open a question that has stumped American generals and diplomats and two presidents: What does winning look like?

Rogue Agent Scandal Clouds Efforts to Expand Border Patrol

President Trump wants to streamline the hiring process to add 5,000 new agents, but critics say cut corners could again leave the agency vulnerable to corrupt hires.

Feature: The Preacher and the Sheriff

A young, shackled black man is shot to death — and the police say he killed himself. The resulting investigation has pitted the victim’s father against the most powerful man in New Iberia, La.