Ex-U.S. Presidents Start Fund to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

The campaign, One America Appeal, is expected to expand to help people affected by Hurricane Irma, which is expected to hit Florida this weekend.

White House Memo: Harvey Gives Trump a Chance to Reclaim the Presidential High Ground

Hurricanes are political events, benchmarks by which a president’s abilities are measured. But many of those in Mr. Trump’s orbit are worried he won’t be self-controlled enough to maximize the moment.

Supreme Court Rules for Bush Officials in Post-9/11 Suit

The Supreme Court ruled that former Bush administration officials could not be sued for policies adopted after the terrorist attacks that led to the detainment of Muslims.

White House Memo: 16 Years Later, Bush’s Climate Pact Exit Holds Lessons for Trump

White House Memo By PETER BAKER June 4, 2017 WASHINGTON — The new president decided that the international climate change agreement negotiated by his predecessor was a job killer that sacrificed American sovereignty. So he pulled the United States out...

Economic View: A Tax Cut Might Be Nice. But Remember the Deficit.

June 2, 2017 Economic View By N. GREGORY MANKIW In the debate about federal tax policy, one question looms large: Should we have a tax cut that increases the budget deficit? President Trump says he wants “a massive tax cut … maybe the biggest tax cut...