With a Groundbreaking Handbook and a Dystopian Tale, Women Gain a Voice

“Our Bodies, Ourselves,” published in the early 1970s, revolutionized how health care for women is discussed, laying groundwork for today’s resistance movement.

Programs That Fight Teenage Pregnancy Are at Risk of Being Cut

By PAM BELLUCK August 10, 2017 ANDERSON, S.C. — At age 14, Latavia Burton knows something about teenage pregnancy. Her mother gave birth to her at 18 and couldn’t attend college because of it. And Latavia’s former best friend became...

Writers From the Right and Left on Trump Jr., the Future of the F.B.I., Health Care and More

Read about how the other side thinks: Writers from across the political spectrum take on the news of the week.

States Lead the Fight Against Trump’s Birth Control Rollback

By SHERYL GAY STOLBERG June 9, 2017 WASHINGTON — Not long after President Trump took the oath of office, a busload of women’s health advocates made the first of a series of 860-mile round trips from Las Vegas to the Nevada capital, Carson...

Legal Fight Could Make Kentucky Only State With No Abortion Clinic

By SHERYL GAY STOLBERG May 2, 2017 LOUISVILLE, Ky. — As states across the nation enact increasingly aggressive restrictions on abortion, perhaps nowhere has the political climate shifted as much as here in Kentucky, where the E.M.W. Women’s...

Senate Lets States Defund Clinics That Perform Abortions

Vice President Mike Pence cast the tiebreaking vote on a measure that returns the power to the states to distribute federal grants to family planning clinics.