America’s Most Popular Statues

Statues honoring the Confederacy have gotten a lot of attention lately. But the statues that draw millions are largely monuments to freedom.

A Refugee Family Arrives in Arkansas, Before the Door Shuts

By MIRIAM JORDAN July 13, 2017 FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Watata Mwenda’s family had it good. There was no electricity in their village in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but Mr. Mwenda, an itinerant salesman of cattle, gold and other commodities,...

Political memo: As Trump’s Coach, Senator Cotton Provides Policy to Match Rhetoric

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas has emerged as a key resource for the White House in applying conservative policy to the unorthodox brand of “Trumpism.”

For Arkansas Community, an Execution Is ‘the One We’re Waiting On’

By ALAN BLINDER and MANNY FERNANDEZ April 27, 2017 STAR CITY, Ark. — James Hawkins, the affable local coroner, has long performed a grim duty on execution nights: He pronounces the deaths of the condemned prisoners. He has done it more than...