They say that gardening feeds the soul. For those whose New Year’s resolution was to start gardening, or to start gardening again, Garden In Minutes has come up with the closest thing to a “just-add-water” solution with their smart box gardening kit.

There are many benefits to raised bed gardening or “garden boxes.” These tidy containers prevent soil compaction, promote good drainage, provide a natural barrier against slugs, snails and other pests, and help keep grass seeds and other weeds at bay. Because they are raised off the ground, it is also easier to weed a garden box without hurting your back. Plus, they look neat and tidy, unlike the often straggly patches of veggies grown in plots.

Still, building a garden box is an undertaking, so, for those who lack basic construction skills (or ambition), like myself, but who have elaborate Pinterest board dreams, the idea of a pre-made solution is extremely appealing. This is especially true when everything you need can be delivered right to your door, much of it pre-assembled and modular.

It is this last feature that makes the Garden in Minutes kits so compelling. The pre-assembled boxes are stackable, giving you more growing area in the same footprint. Better yet, they can be paired with a pre-assembled variable flow Garden Grid™ irrigation system for each growing level. These clever kits, which retail for $370, include a planting guide to make planning your space that much easier, too.

“All these new kits and the stacking feature builds on our mission of easier and faster assembly,” explains company co-founder Bryan Traficante. “The whole kit, watering system, and tiered bed, can be readily assembled by hand — no tools needed! — in under five minutes, making it the ideal garden for busy people to own and enjoy.”

While the company can’t share sales figures at this time, the kits are currently being sold in every state in the lower 48.

When asked for a tip for other founders, Traficante said, “If I could give one start-up tip, it would be that if you have a small business, work hard to excel at some ‘unscalable’ actions that a large competitor can’t or won’t do. For example, personal communication is a big plus for us. We take the time to respond to a social media question with a video message, or we’ll share an individual customer service rep’s work email address so that a guest may continue their conversation. We also create useful sketches of garden plans, showing how our kits and Garden Grids go together, so that customers can more easily visualize how their own garden will look when it’s all set up.”

Garden in Minutes is an excellent name for this product: it says it all. The company has removed the last excuse not to box garden this spring.

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