The checklist of Trump administration worries continues to grow.

Let’s start with the executive order that limited immigration from seven mostly Muslim countries. As David Streitfeld writes, technology companies were slow to have an aggressive response. But prodded by their employees, they appeared to find their voice in recent days.

Now, nearly 130 companies, most of them in tech, have filed an amicus brief in a federal court, siding with state officials in Washington opposing the ban. The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco scheduled an oral argument in the case for Tuesday.

But the immigration ban is just the start. The industry is also bracing for changes to the H-1B program that brings highly skilled workers into the United States.

Tech companies say the program is integral to building a talented work force, but even its most vocal proponents say some change is needed. As Daisuke Wakabayashi and Nelson D. Schwartz write, the program has also been used to make it easier for big Indian outsourcing companies to operate in the United States — in some cases costing American jobs.

Finally, there is the Federal Communications Commission. Mr. Trump’s new chairman of the F.C.C. appears to be setting his sights on net neutrality rules intended to ensure equal access to content on the internet, as Cecilia Kang writes.

Those rules, created under the Obama administration, have been a bedrock of internet services like Netflix and YouTube. If they should be changed, the playing field could be tilted in favor of the carriers that own the networks.

For consumers, the likely consequence is the price of viewing content on the internet will go up.