Belichick says Brady has three traits that have turned him into one of the NFL’s all-time greats.

1. He has a strong work ethic

Belichick is quick to praise Brady, whom he’s coached since 2000, on his ability to put in the time to get better and win. “Tom works very hard,” he says. “He wasn’t all that good when we got him. He mechanically wasn’t anywhere near where it eventually has ended up.”

Over the years, though, that’s changed. “Nobody’s worked harder than Tom. He’s trained hard. He’s worked hard on his throwing mechanics. He’s earned everything that he’s achieved,” says Belichick.

“It wasn’t always there,” he adds.

2. He thinks strategically

Coupled with his ability to constantly improve athletically, Brady also has a mind for strategy. “On the field he sees things,” says Belichick. “He’s got a great ability to take and [process] a large amount of information very quickly.”

“He has great football vision, awareness, and understanding, again, of what we do and what our opponents do,” he says.

3. He stays in the moment

The third trait that Brady embodies is being able to live in the present. “He can really focus on short-term goals,” says Belichick.

“He can focus on just this week, and then as soon as this week’s over, totally put it out [of mind] and go to next week when the challenges are completely different.”

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