Caught in Budget Tugs of War, States Teeter on the Brink

By JESS BIDGOOD, JULIE BOSMAN and ALEXANDER BURNS July 3, 2017 AUGUSTA, Me. — Government workers marched outside the State House here chanting, “Do your job!” on Monday as Maine kept children’s caseworkers at home and...

‘Everything’s in Danger’: Illinois Approaches 3rd Year Without Budget

By JULIE BOSMAN and MONICA DAVEY June 29, 2017 CHICAGO — Road construction and bridge repairs may come to a halt. At least one agency has threatened to downgrade Illinois’s credit rating to junk, a crippling borrowing position no state...

Senate Health Bill Gets a Wary Reception, From Coast to Coast

Local news coverage across the nation shows that the reaction to the health care bill unveiled by Senate Republicans is almost uniformly negative.

Despite Vote in Favor, Puerto Rico Faces a Daunting Road to Statehood

Puerto Ricans were delivering conflicting messages before a skeptical Congress the day after voters overwhelmingly cast ballots in favor of statehood.

Defying Trump, Hawaii Becomes First State to Pass Law Committing to Paris Climate Accord

Hawaii is one of several states that have joined the U.S. Climate Alliance, a coalition committed to upholding the Paris agreement despite the federal government’s withdrawal.

Kansas Lawmakers Override Brownback Veto, Undoing Tax Cuts

By MONICA DAVEY June 7, 2017 For six years, Gov. Sam Brownback carried out a signature philosophy of cutting taxes and shrinking government across Kansas, a state dominated by his fellow Republicans. But on Tuesday night, the state’s Republican-held...