Military Transgender Ban to Begin Within 6 Months, Memo Says

President Trump is preparing to give the Defense Department formal authority to dismiss transgender troops, a person familiar with the directive said.

Trump Has Busy Day in Vortex of Middle East Relations

The president’s bid to be a peacemaker between Qatar and neighbors, and a daylong effort to express sympathy to Iran, show the region’s complexities.

Mattis Says Escalation Against ISIS Doesn’t Imperil More Civilians

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said President Trump’s decision to give the military more latitude had put greater pressure on militants in Syria, Yemen and Somalia.

Turmoil at the National Security Council, From the Top Down

Staff members are struggling to make policy to fit the president’s Twitter posts, and the council’s leader, Michael T. Flynn, is facing an inquiry into his communications with Russia.

News Analysis: Trump Foreign Policy Quickly Loses Its Sharp Edge

He is proving to be less of a radical than either his campaign statements or his tempestuous early phone calls with foreign leaders would suggest.