Amid Chaos of Storms, U.S. Shows It Has Improved Its Response

Technology, building codes, weather forecasts and a more sophisticated understanding of mass evacuation helped keep the death toll low, experts say.

After a Dozen Hurricanes and 40 Years, What Has Changed and What Has Not.

By JOSEPH B. TREASTER September 12, 2017 MIAMI — Every hurricane tells a story. Hurricane Andrew in 1992, with a 17-foot storm surge and winds so intense that they destroyed the gauges meant to measure them, was the disaster that changed...

My (Surprisingly Calm) Flight Through Hurricane Irma

We embedded with the Air Force Reserve’s 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, known as the Hurricane Hunters. On a 12-hour flight, the crew gathered data on Hurricane Irma as it made landfall over Cuba on its way to Florida.

Florida Keys Battered but Still Standing After Irma’s Rampage

By FRANCES ROBLES September 11, 2017 CUDJOE KEY, Fla. — You pay a price for paradise. In the Florida Keys, it’s hurricanes. The stretch of highway that leads to the continental United States’ southernmost point was riddled Monday with Jet...