Economic View: Get Ready for Technological Upheaval by Expecting the Unimagined

September 2, 2017 Economic View By SENDHIL MULLAINATHAN Self-driving vehicles could upend the transportation sector and eliminate a million or more jobs. Algorithms that decode M.R.I.s put a whole medical subfield at risk. And the list of professions and sectors soon...

Education Disrupted: Silicon Valley Courts Brand-Name Teachers, Raising Ethics Issues

As teachers launch personal brands and cast themselves as influencers, start-ups and tech giants alike are racing to cultivate them to spread their wares.

Tucson’s Mexican Studies Program Was a Victim of ‘Racial Animus,’ Judge Says

A federal judge ruled that state officials’ actions were racially driven when they ended a Mexican-American studies program in Tucson’s public schools.

Seeing Hope for Flagging Economy, West Virginia Revamps Vocational Track

By DANA GOLDSTEIN August 10, 2017 HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — In a sleek laboratory at Marshall University last month, four high school teachers hunched over a miniature steam-electric boiler, a tabletop replica of the gigantic machinery found in power plants....