This week, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Technology Lab released for comments a new draft of its OpenRTB framework that is designed to potentially handle entirely new forms of online buying and selling.

The Lab describes version 3.0 as “a major [over]haul of the real-time bidding framework,” noting that it improves security in the ad supply chain and provides more transparency for the bidding process.

Rakuten Marketing CTO Neal Richter, who serves as co-chair of the Tech Lab’s OpenRTB Working Group, told me that the protocol is evolving to handle new kinds of programmatic buying and selling, such as header bidding, content sales, product recommendations, connected TV, or perhaps even products.

The question that 3.0 is intended to answer, he said, is: “How generic can we make this?” In other words, the goal is to revise the protocol so it can “handle anything that’s for sale electronically in real time,” although the emphasis for now is media.

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