Even by the standards of an industry all too happy to revive canceled shows, this is exceptionally fast.

NBC is in discussions to potentially bring back “American Idol,” according to a person briefed on the plans.

FremantleMedia, the production company behind “Idol,” approached NBC recently with a plan to revive the show, which was canceled at Fox and went off the air nine months ago. The two sides are not close to a deal and the discussions could very well fall apart, the person added.

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Variety reported the news earlier.

“American Idol,” the talent show that debuted in 2002, was a monster hit for Fox, before its ratings cratered the last few years it was on the air.

It’s not unheard-of for canceled shows to make a comeback: The comedy “The Mindy Project” found a home at Hulu after Fox canceled it; the soapy drama “Nashville” went to CMT after appearing on ABC. But it is rare for a canceled show from one of the four broadcast networks to find a new home at a rival network, and at this speed.

NBC would have the added complication of finding time for “Idol,” since it has a sturdy schedule and a singing competition show of its own, “The Voice,” which runs both in its fall and in midseason. (It also has “America’s Got Talent,” which is a ratings success in the summer).

NBC executives are also having discussions about spinning off the Weekend Update segment of “Saturday Night Live” into its own prime time show.