Why it’s a favorite: “We use Jamf Pro as our device management solution for our 1:1 iPad program district-wide. As a result, we are driving student success with iPads and meeting their individual needs via personalized learning — something we weren’t able to previously do. Giving each student an iPad has really made a difference in their lives, especially for those who didn’t previously have technology at home.”

“Using the self-service feature, our students had their devices up and running in less than 20 minutes, making our district-wide iPad rollout seamless. And once iPads are deployed, we’re able to collect dynamic inventory, reduce risks and protect resources, and ensure peace of mind with remote lock and wipe, automated patches, and reporting on backup status.”

“With Jamf, we’ve been able to effectively implement iPads to enhance the learning experience, as well as regain valuable instructional time through improved classroom management … Our district has grown the program from 3,000 to more than 8,000 iPad and MacBook Air devices — all without having to increase our technical staff.”

Years in IT: 25

Upcoming projects: “I’m excited about being able to provide teachers with additional tools to create personalized learning experiences through deploying Apple Classroom supported by Jamf Pro using an iPad Pro for all our grade 5-8 students and teachers.”